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Fresh.Fitness  was founded back in 2008 by Leading UK Fitness ProfessionalMatt The Trainerin order to deliver the high quality fitness training and weight loss advice to his local community. So if your looking for a Personal Trainer around Forest Row, Horsted Keynes, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead Get in Touch

Having built a strong reputation as a leading 1-2-1 specialist trainer and delivered hands on education and mentoring to hundreds of personal training students over his 14 year career. Matt The Trainer has decided to incorporate all his fitness knowledge, training expertise and technical know how into a revolutionary online exercise & nutrition platform –  FreshHIITs.com  – that is set to launch later in 2017.


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New Fresh Fitness Studio


We’re not your average gym!

Our exclusive fitness studio is minimalist in design but will deliver maximal results! Every square inch of this unique space is designed to challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

…and Matt is not your average Personal Trainer

Along with creating Fresh HIITs  The Worlds Greatest Workout – Matt has been educating and qualifying new Personal Trainers into the industry since 2007. Matt has worked with top weight loss and functional movements experts from around the world and helped hundreds of clients throughout his 12+ year career.



” My mission as a fitness professional has always been to help as many people as possible achieve their weight loss, fitness and performance goals and I know with my knowledge, experience and proven training methods that you’ll achieve results you never thought possible”


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Group Personal Training

If your looking to keep extra motivated and want to achieve your goals in the company of  friends or loved ones, then group Personal Training is the solution for you! We incorporate additional group training methods to ensure each of you achieves you results. No matter if you have different goals, you’ll still be able to share all the success together.


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1-2-1 Personal Training 

Reach your fitness goals with Personal Training from leading fitness coach Matt The Trainer  who will motivate, guide & inspire you towards achieving more than you could ever believe was possible, with a complete training and nutrition package that’s tailored to your lifestyle.


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Bespoke Health MOT’s

It’s important to monitor all aspects of your health as its not just how we look that determines our overall health. Our Medical Grade Health MOTs will analyse everything you need to know about your body with a few simple non invasive tests and we’ll even explain what it all means and how to improve the results. 


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Annie Winter

Fresh HIITs was a real fresh start for me. I was an unfit and unhealthy person, avoiding exercise at all costs and mostly eating pizza and pies! Now I look forward to my morning workouts and have a much healthier diet. There’s no way I would have started my fitness journey if it weren’t forMattand his Fresh HIITsworkouts.


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Blair Cooney

I trained with Matt at Fresh HIITs and he helped me reached so many goals including completing the London Marathon. As well as that Matthelped me overcome injuries so I could continue training. The training methods Matt introduced to me I still use today. Great coach who has helped me a lot.


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Mayoor Jobanputra

Matt is the kind of trainer that will push you to new levels. Having been a level 2 student of his and also getting involved with the famous Fresh HIITS. Matt taught me how to become a real fitness professional and how to truly teach and motivate people. You can’t go wrong with Matt, so be prepared to sweat buckets and feel like you’ve been reborn again.


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Kelly Peaty

What an amazing workout! Matt was so supportive and gave me the encouragement I needed to reach my goal weight. I went down a dress size and have changed my whole outlook on food with Matt’s guidance.


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